Last year during a wedding I djed in September, I was able to be apart of something really special. I arrived for setup 4 hours prior to guests arrival time (like I always do) and was completely setup within an hour and a half.

After setup I had a fair bit of time to kill. I met with the venue coordinator, photographer and videographer etc. I ran an audio feed for the videographer and shortly afterwards heard him telling someone that the bride and groom would like to practice their first dance routine.

I later found out that they had been practicing this dance routine for the past 6 months and been taking dance lessons for over 2 years at Fred Astaire, but never in the dress (which turned out to be quite the challenge). Since I was already setup and just playing cocktail music to an empty room for the past hour and a half by the time I heard this, I quickly cued their first dance song, walked out to the lobby and offered my services to help. I invited them into the hall and closed it off to everyone else so no one could see the routine and they could have a safe place to practice.

This couple showed a level of dedication and determination that I don’t get a chance to see that often. I seen a few ups and downs but each time during practice the bride picked her self up dusted herself off and continued. Even made a few alterations to her dress so she would be able to pull it off. To see their 6 months of hard work for a 3 minute dance was inspiring.

My hat is off to this couple because if they are willing to spend that much effort and dedication for their first dance, imagine how much they will put forth for their marriage and life together.