We don’t blame you, we would too. With N3XTLEVEL you don’t have to worry. We can build a custom wedding package to suite your needs and personality, yet making it fun and entertaining for everyone. We can give you and your guests that “wow” factor you all have been missing.

Creating your Vision: Almost all brides and grooms have a clear vision as to what they want for their dress, tux, cake, interior decor, food..etc. but what about their entertainment? How do YOU want to enter as husband and wife for your grand entrance? How do YOU want to remember your first dance as a married couple?..etc.

We often ask married couples what they remember of their wedding day? They are often quick to reply about the night’s entertainment. Then we ask if they had to do it all over again would they have put more into their entertainment. We are not going to tell you what their response was, instead think of the last wedding or event you were at, what do you recall the most? Was it the food, what the people were wearing or how much fun you had or didn’t have?

Entertainment has a huge role to play in creating the right vision for your wedding, whether you want a classy elegant wedding, or perhaps a over the top big party celebration look and feel, or maybe you want a simple wedding without all the bells and whistles.

Either way you want your family and friends to have a great time celebrating your new life as a married couple. You want your memories and theirs to be of good ones, if not you would be at Wal-Mart buying the latest iPod shuffle, iTunes card and pulling out your retro boombox. This is not the vision you want, you want your loved ones up and dancing having a great time. You want to be able to look back many years later when your grand kids are getting married and say we did it right, this was our vision.

So let’s put down the cookie cutter and create something special for you and your loved ones!!!