While providing sound at Chantal and Cameron Dungey’s wedding ceremony we tried something new, record their vows as they read them and later drop their vows into the instrumentals of the song they selected for their first dance. Sounds simple right?

No one knew we had recorded them not even Chantal or Cameron, we wanted to keep it a surprise encase it didn’t work so they wouldn’t have their hopes up and then be let down.

After the ceremony we packed up the equipment and headed over to the reception area. Once we got to the reception area we quickly put on some background music for the cocktail hour and I got to work on their wedding vows.

Knowing that their first dance was right after dinner I didn’t have much time to waste. I pulled out my backup laptop and started editing their wedding song and vows. I recently took a course on doing this very thing and spend hours practicing before this wedding, however it still took me a little over 2 hours to complete. Cocktail hour was over and dinner was just wrapping up. I skipped eating dinner to finish it.

Their Master of Ceremony (MC) called the bride and groom up to the dance floor to do their first dance. They walked on to the dance floor as their song started to play, they held each other close and began to dance. Then they heard their vows, everyone was speechless, tears ran down faces. It sure was a beautiful moment in time we were able to create for them and their guests.

After the song was over and the applauses died down, Chantal was called up to dance with her father and I walked over to the head table to talk with Cameron. Before I could say anything or even get to Cameron the bridesmaids all stopped me to ask, how I got their vows and how I got them into their song. Tears still in their eyes.

Moments like this is what N3XTLEVEL is all about, each event we do we push ourselves to be better and always look for those little things we can do to make our client’s and their guests experience the best it can be and it is always worth the extra work and missed meals.

Chantal and Cameron Dungey First Dance with Vows

by N3XTLEVEL Entertainment